YourPlay – Australians Can Now Gamble Responsibly

Gambling in Australia is very popular for those looking for entertainment and extra-curricular activities. Australians are considered to be at an extremely higher risk to extreme gambling than other areas of the world when it comes to gambling, according to Wikipedia. For this reason, a new responsible way of gambling is being studied by the Australians to see what difference it can make in people’s lives financially and in their health.

How the sel-monitored YourPlay scheme, which will help gamblers track their time and money spent on gambling across all Australian states, including cities like; Victoria, at Abbotsford, Altona, Bendigo, Brunswick, Caulfield South, Dandenong, Hampton, Footscray, Geelong, and Newport. Currently, Australian’s have come up with a study that will begin with 100 people, at 14 different Venues for 3 months across the country that will help determine the affects this new voluntary pre-commitment can have on peoples lives. Brochures will be available at each venue for prospective users to understand what this new tracking system can offer them.

To get started, gamblers will sign up for a card and that will be issued at that time. The process will begin with a swiping card at the electronic gambling machine. Once the participant swipes their very own card, they will be given options on the electronic gambling devices. These options include, spending limits, tracking time and money spent on electronic machines, and alert reminders that goes off once the gambler has reached or almost reached their gambling limits. These options can also be set by using a smartphone, computer or tablet at home. Currently, each gambler has the option to use this new scheme or not and not all cities that offer gambling have YourPlay as an option as of yet. However, Victoria will be the first city to require all electronic gambling machines to offer the YourPlay by December.

YourPlay will be an option for gamblers to make pre-commitments before they begin their gambling experience. This new way of setting money and time limits, is supposed to help gamblers play responsibly. The thought is that gamblers being aware of how much time and money is being spent at the gambling facility, it may help them financially and mentally. This new system may also create a new culture scheme for many more gamblers across the nation.

For those gamblers who are interested in a more responsible way of gambling should check out the upcoming venues in Victoria, at Abbotsford, Altona, Bendigo, Brunswick, Caulfield South, Dandenong, Hampton, Footscray, Geelong, and Newport. Not only will this new system help gamblers financially, but it may also help them in their physical and mental health by eliminating the stress that can be caused by excessive gambling.

Australia Urged To Curb Online Gaming Sites

A study found that social media promotions and casino-like games have been encouraging people to play online games, and this has resulted in urging Australia to curb online gaming sites.

The study involved surveying more than 2,000 people, as well as interviews conducted with gamblers and gaming operators. The results revealed that 28% of younger people between 12-17 who engaged in casino-like games ended up moving towards the real thing, which meant they moved onto real gambling with real money. Also, 15% of adults believed that playing would help them increase their odds when they were gambling.

The study said that game operators, as well as regulators, should think about protecting vulnerable consumers by taking further actions.

Gambling Research Australia, which is funded by the government, commissioned the study, which followed the demand of online gambling. This includes the growth of smartphones, which more and more gamblers are using to play online games.

Perhaps what isn't really all that shocking is that gambling operators are turning more and more to social media to market their products. This is especially true when it comes to YouTube and Facebook, but it is worth pointing out that in Australia, there is not that much regulation. Furthermore, the study also found that around 11% of younger people ended up gambling more after they have used social media and viewed such promotions.

Online gambling is massive and it continues to grow, and this may be in part that more and more people are getting and using smartphones. Just how massive and profitable are social casino games? Well, the games are expected to bring in more than $4 billion in revenue this year, and that is on a global level. The United States is one of the countries that are expected to have the highest spenders per capita, and another country is Australia.

State and federal governments in Australia have been urged by gambling experts to come up with stricter controls to impose on the growth of online games and promotions, as well as to update current legislation. There is already a main federal law on the books, but that was introduced back in 2001, and that was when Facebook didn't even exist.